Journalists Won’t Put Up with Regime Monitors in Newsrooms? Don’t Be So Sure…

Liberals will probably think this as an inside source.
Check it out:

I want to start today with this story that the Regime is going to put monitors in American news organization newsrooms. I had a fascinating discussion with two or three people here asking what they thought of it, and without fail, without exception, everybody I asked about this said without the slightest hesitation or doubt that the media will rise up in righteous indignation and opposition and will not put up with this. The media, the New York Times, NBC News, CBS, Washington Post, you name it, they will not tolerate it. They will draw a red line like Obama drew in Syria and is drawing again in Ukraine. They will not allow Regime monitors in there.

Now, here’s the story, and there is a report out there now that the FCC has backed off on this. I haven’t got much detail on that. It’s actually an FCC directory. I’ve got some audio sound bites. I’m not gonna play them because it would take me away from the point I want to make. But there are people that are asking other experts when they’ve done segments on this, “Does Obama know about this? Who’s doing this?” These are conservative media people, “Does Obama know about it?” Do you think the FCC is doing this on their own? All of this extreme outrageous stuff, like when known communists end up being hired in the Regime. “Does Obama know? How’d they sneak that guy by?”

What do you mean, does Obama know? These people are doing things that they know he wants done. He puts like-minded fellow travelers in there. The idea that all of these extremists are having to sneak things by Obama to get ’em done? This is my point. We’re five years into the Regime and there are still learned people on our side who cannot believe that Obama personally would either do something like this or tolerate something like this. Another thing, will journalism schools across the fruited plain stand up in righteous opposition to this?



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