The Jackbooted IRS Thugs are Coming

The Obama goons will really get going here soon.
Check it out:

I don’t have health insurance now. I tell you what, I am ticked off that I have to have health insurance. (interruption) What? You think I’m giving away something? I’ve never hidden this fact. I am self-insured. I’m self-insured. (interruption) I am on a health care roll. I am on a policy. I just never use it. The staff is just nervous as they can be in there, thinking I have just made a target of myself. Do you think…?

What have I been for 25 years? (interruption) Well, nobody’s gonna get away with not paying anything other than friends of Obama. This is like anything else. There are gonna be people that don’t qualify for subsidies that get them. This is such a mess. But, look, his point is he doesn’t want to do it. He doesn’t want to go to I mean, he didn’t need to spend this much money. He doesn’t want to mess with this.

But that’s out the window now.

He doesn’t have that freedom anymore.

He doesn’t, and nor does anybody else.

The law of the land is you have to have Obamacare, and… (interruption) What about the low-information people? Right. I’m telling them, yes, the IRS is about collecting money and they don’t know low-information from high-information people. You know, if Anastas Mikoyan, a low-information voter, files his tax return and doesn’t have health insurance, he’s gonna get fined. Damn straight. Obama’s gonna make sure of it. It’s a money- collection agency.

Damn straight. They’re gonna fine everybody they… (interruption) It’s gonna be too late. By the time they find out, Obama’s long gone. That’s why all this is being delayed. Snerdley’s asking me what’s the low-information Obama voter gonna do when he finds out he’s being shafted. It’s too late. That’s why it’s all being glade thorough three years. All this being delayed beyond 2015 and 2016. So it doesn’t… All these Obama acolytes who think he’s greatest thing since sliced bread, at some point they are gonna realize they’ve been screwed, but it’s gonna be too late.

By design, there’ll be nothing they can do about it.



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