Why is Homosexuality a Political Issue?

The answer to this question is easy: money is involved.
Check it out:

Okay, Moochelle (My Belle), after her husband says he wouldn’t let his son, Trayvon Martin, play, now here comes Moochelle saying this Michael Sam is courageous, this a courageous man. Wait a minute. Courageous to play something that your intelligence says shouldn’t be played, ’cause it’s too risky, cause it’s too dangerous? It might lead to suicide, concussion, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, and yet it’s courageous to play? I thought last week it was stupid to play? Now all of a sudden it’s courageous? Why is it courageous? Well, because he’s gay. All right. Well, what’s the courage? Where is the courage? Why does being gay make him courageous in entering the NFL?

Folks, I’m steering you here. There are answers to all of this. I’m trying to get you all to come up with your own answer here or draw your own conclusion. There are answers to these questions. There are specific answers. There are explanations of all this. I just don’t want to sit here and declare it because then it’s over and done with and we move on. I want you to think about this. ‘Cause on the one hand, what’s the big deal? Let me ask. Why is it so risky to come out? I thought there’s nothing wrong with being gay. What’s the big deal? What really is the big deal here? I mean, half the sports media is already telling us, “Look, there’s already gay guys playing in the NFL, you know it and I know it, they just won’t say so.” Why not? What’s wrong with it? What is the big deal?

So now it’s courageous. Why is there a political agenda attached to homosexuality? Why is that political agenda hard, left-wing liberalism? Why is there no political agenda attached to heterosexuality, whatever ideology, whatever political agenda, there isn’t one. But why is what this guy is doing political? Is it courageous because he’s breaking down a barrier? Is it courageous because he knows he’s entering a shower stall with 52 other guys who aren’t gay? Is it courageous because he’s gonna get the Jonathan Martin bully treatment from the Neanderthals in there? Is it courageous because he’s brave in announcing his homosexuality in a macho world, man’s world of the NFL? Is it courageous because he’s willing to stand alone and take the arrows of being a pioneer? What is the courage here?



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