Gun Companies Continue to Abandon North for Pro-Gun South

Liberals blame the gun instead of the liberal gunman who has no respect for life.
Check it out:

What started as a slow trickle when American Tactical Imports (ATI) and PTR moved from the northeast to South Carolina, has now become an all out surge with Magpul Industries leaving Colorado, Beretta leaving Maryland for Tennessee, and Remington acquiring a 500,000 square ft. facility in Alabama.

As Breitbart News previously reported, Governor Andrew Cuomo’s (D) SAFE Act drove ATI from New York in October while Governor Dannel Malloy’s (D) draconian gun control drove PTR from Connecticut in June.

In early 2013 Magpul made it clear they were leaving Colorado if the state’s Democrat legislators passed a ban on “high capacity” magazines. The legislators passed the ban anyway, and on January 2, 2014 Breitbart News reported that Magpul was moving manufacturing to Wyoming and its corporate headquarters to Texas.

Magpul’s Duane Liptak, Jr., told Breitbart News that Texas and Wyoming both had something his company craved–“strong cultures of personal responsibility, self reliance and individual liberty.”



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