GOP Establishment Thinks Voters Want Big Government

Anyone who wants big government is a liberal.
Check it out:

This is one of the arguments that takes place inside conservative media and the Republican Party. There are some conservative media types who believe that the argument, the debate, over Big Government’s over, we’ve lost it, and that the American people want it, and we are never gonna win elections until we realize that. If we keep fighting that, we’re gonna always lose. At some point, we’re just gonna have to understand that the people of this country get what they want.

And they want Big Government, and they want government benefits, but what they also want is a responsibly run Big Government, and that is where these people claim they should be elected and put in power over Democrats, because they will do it smarter, and they will administer an active executive branch, an engaged executive branch with a much greater sense of responsibility, both fiscal and moral, and that they will be much better equipped to govern this country with this massive government that people want.

So that’s what you’re up against is that argument that takes place inside the Republican Party, and certain elements of conservative media. Whereas, you know, I can hear it in your voice, Richard. You believe in limited government, like the country was founded. You believe in small, limited, out-of-the-way government. You want the government to be like officials in the NFL: Never the story. When the game’s over, you don’t even know what they did. That’s how you want government to be.

You don’t want the government throwing flags, getting involved in everybody’s life at every stretch of every play, determining the outcome, reversing it for whatever nefarious reason ’cause they don’t like it. We don’t even want to see you. But that’s not how it goes. The people alive today who want to work in government, want it as big as it can get. They want it as powerful as it can get, ’cause that means they are. That gives them all this money to use to buy influence or to wield power with.

There really are precious few genuine conservatives to be found in Washington, DC, right now. Even in the Republican Party.



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