Give it a rest, Mr. President. Stop blaming Fox for IRS, Benghazi scandals

Obama hates that he is not getting away with his scandals and wants to shift the blame.
Check it out:

How do you say politely give it a rest?

Because that’s my flip response to President Obama as I hear him continuously blame Fox News. Fox, Fox, Fox, it’s all Fox! Now, I don’t want to be rude. I respect the president and his office, but his nonresponsive answers to serious matters like the IRS targeting is to blame Fox.

Besides being false, that is not at all particularly presidential. What is presidential instead is to demand his administration to get to the bottom of it, order his administration top to bottom to answer all the questions quickly and provide all the documents requested. No feet-dragging. Here is what he said when Bill O’Reilly asked him yesterday about the IRS scandal.



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