How to Give Away Other People’s Money

Liberals somehow convince themselves that they are entitled to other people’s money.
Check it out:

Obama did his White House ceremony raising the minimum wage for federal contractors. It just hit me. There he is giving away some more of other people’s money, and it immediately hit me:

How popular could I be if I could do that?

How popular could I be and how unbeatable could I be if I were able to give away other people’s money to anybody I wanted to, and if I focused on the downtrodden and the needy and the screwed and the shafted? How popular would I be? If I had access to the entire federal Treasury and could give away money whenever I wanted to whoever, who could beat me? How would anybody beat me, and on what basis?

That’s exactly what Obama’s doing. He’s just giving away money left and right. It isn’t his. It’s such a great gig. I was thinking about what it would be like for me to have all that money, and while I’m giving away all of these dollars that other people have produced — while I’m giving away everybody else’s money — I’m flying around in a giant 747. I’m living in a huge house I don’t have to pay for. I’ve got servants. I’ve got a fleet of cars, a fleet of airplanes!

I can pick up and go to anyplace in the world, and everybody else is gonna pay for it. I can send my wife on her own plane with the dogs and a cat — and then kids and stragglers we want to pick up — any time she wants to go, and nobody’s gonna say a word because I’m giving away money to people who I determine to be needy. Who’s gonna beat me? How can you beat me? And then the media that now hates me — that thinks I’m racist, sexist, bigot, all that stuff — would love me.

I’d be universally popular.

Everybody would love me.



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