A Gay, Former Liberal Who Has Been Punished by Obamacare

Obama is an equal opportunity punishment.
Check it out:

Our last caller, Sonia, you heard her. She’s gay. She’s 50-plus. She, in her own estimation, is the furthest thing from what somebody would think of the profile of somebody listening to this program.

Yet she’s here. She’s a convert. She’s a self-described “bleeding-heart liberal.” But now she’s here. Either earlier in this hour or in the previous hour we were discussing immigration, and the thing that frustrates us conservative is we do not want anybody to be victims, and we certainly don’t want to victimize anybody. We don’t even look at people and put them in groups and then decide what their political value is.

Some conservatives do as a defensive measure trying to get them, but it’s not our way. Our actual orientation is to see human beings. We see human beings. We see Americans. We see all sizes and all shapes and all religions and all sexes, races. You name it, we want ’em all, we want every American to benefit from being an American. We want everybody to love this country. We want everybody to be taught and to understand glorious golden opportunity they have by virtue of being born American.

We want them to have an active appreciation for it.

We don’t care… I’ll speak for myself. I don’t care what somebody’s sexual orientation is, I don’t care what their race is, and I do not group people that way. Nor do I want to take advantage of people by making them groups or victims. I want everybody to be as self-reliant as they can be, be as educated as they can be, ’cause that’s how we’re gonna have a great country. Now, I oppose liberals wherever you find ’em.

Black, gay, straight, fat, thin, agnostic, religious. If you’re a liberal, I oppose you ’cause I think you are an obstacle to everything I believe in. Pure and simple.



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