Federal Appeals Court Rules Against Religious Liberty on Same-Sex Attraction

So how does the government know what is being told during a private counseling session? And how is it any of their business what a church councils? Maybe they should look at stopping the local Mosque from counseling on Jihad.
Check it out:

One of the latest trends among homosexual activists in liberal states is to say that when counseling is being offered regarding same-sex attraction, it is harmful to the patient and must end. Therefore California passed a law making it illegal for counselors to engage in any speech counseling someone against homosexual behavior. The law does nothing to stop speech on any other type of extramarital sex, such as a young woman trying to save herself for marriage, or a married man in a struggling marriage seeking to stay faithful to his wife, or a young man trying to stop viewing pornography. It singles out this one type of extramarital sexual activity and forbids counseling.

Liberty Counsel is a Christian law firm that filed a federal lawsuit challenging the law, arguing that California’s statute violates the First Amendment right of these counselors to express their religious viewpoint to willing patients. It also violates the First Amendment right of those patients to seek out and discuss information that they believe will help them cope with their urges.

On Jan. 29, the Ninth Circuit rejected Liberty Counsel’s petition to rehear the case en banc–where the court’s chief judge chairs a panel of eleven judges to rehear the case and supersede the decision of the standard three-judge panel.



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