Don’t Doubt Me: Back to the USSR

Big government always wants more.
Check it out:

You know, speaking of reassembling the Soviet Union, don’t doubt me, ladies and gentlemen. In fact, Vladimir Putin began reassembling the Soviet Union when he invaded Georgia and wanted to get rid of our ally there, Saakashvili,

And, of course, Obama let him. If you recall, Obama ended up praising Putin for invading Georgia, and Putin has done the same thing again, and he’s done it without troops.

He’s done it in Belarus and he’s doing it now in Ukraine, and you remember when Putin kept cutting off the gas and oil to Ukraine before they installed his puppet. This stuff going on in the Ukraine now? Putin is not going to let Ukraine get away. You watch. The Ukrainian people are standing up. They’re protesting, demanding their freedom. They’ve got this former female president released from prison; the current president is gone.

In fact, there’s a story here that the people of Ukraine… (interruption) Yeah. Warrant for his arrest. Here’s the headline from Reuters. They’re very surprised, seemingly, it says here. “Ukrainians Gawk as Yanukovich’s Luxury Estate is Opened to Public — A sprawling forested estate of graceful waterways and summer houses — half the size of Monaco but just one hour’s drive from Kiev — stands as a symbol of the folly of Ukraine’s fugitive president.

“Even the most cynical Ukrainians, who on Saturday streamed to see Viktor Yanukovich’s luxury estate, rubbed their eyes in disbelief when they were confronted by the scale of the opulence he built around him and kept secret from the outside world. There were Australian and African ostriches, stretching their legs. There were hares darting around people’s feet — clearly unused to large numbers.

“Deer and billy goats — their cages neatly labeled — were hunkered down, slightly alarmed at the numbers of sudden visitors. All this in a country where the average salary is less than $500 a month. … As [visitors] poured in their thousands, by foot and by car, onto the 140-hectare grounds for a first glimpse at a luxury they could only suspect, Ukrainians gawped in wonderment at the fairytale surroundings.”

So, as usual, the leader of the people surrounds himself abject luxury. He basically hijacks the wealth of the nation, gives it to himself and his friends, and lives in ways that his people can’t even dream of living. Now his people have seen it, and this is the story of liberalism around the world. It’s the story of socialism and communism around the world and throughout world history.



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