Democrats: Work is Punishment

What will liberals do when everyone is dependent on government and no one is working?
Check it out:

Now, this modern incarnation of work being a very punishing entrapment orchestrated by mean white power brokers, members of the majority, i.e., Republicans, I think the modern incarnation of this attack is really all about Obamacare, because Obamacare must survive. No matter what else, Obamacare must survive because that’s Obama surviving, that’s liberalism surviving. Obamacare surviving is the transformation of the United States.

Obamacare is under assault, justifiably. It isn’t working. It is an absolute disaster. Obamacare is a number of false promises that were made for three years running. It does not have the popular support of the people of this country. It’s an absolute disaster. Yet it must survive, it must survive. Whether something is good or bad for the American people doesn’t matter. It’s whether or not it’s good or bad for the Democrat Party and for the left. And one of the things that happened, people were unable to qualify for subsidies for Obamacare because of the formula. Because of the various levels of income they were earning, many people were earning too much money to get a subsidy for Obamacare, which means they were losing it. They couldn’t afford it otherwise. Nobody can, really.

The vast majority of the American people cannot afford Obamacare without a subsidy, and yet many people were losing it, can’t have that. In one area people were losing hours, employer’s cutting people back to 29 and a half hours so they wouldn’t have to provide Obamacare. That had to be turned into a positive, and then other people’s incomes had to be brought down somehow in order to qualify for the subsidy. So what has manifested itself now, folks, is that people are leaving their jobs in order to qualify for subsidies for Obamacare. And that has to be turned into something good.

In the normal ebb and flow of the United States, in the normal ebb and flow of our culture and population, people leaving the workforce in order to comply with a federal program would be political disaster for the party that designed it. Okay, so you’ve got Obamacare. It’s the brainchild of Barack Obama, the Democrat Party. It’s sold for five years as the greatest thing on earth. It’s gonna make sure you get your health care and doctor, and it’s gonna be much cheaper and for some of you it’s gonna be free, and it turns out none of that’s true. Massive disaster.

So people have to leave their jobs in order to qualify for Obamacare. In some cases they are asking for their hours to be reduced, and the employer is saying, “Sorry, that doesn’t help me.” So under normal circumstances, a government program forcing people on unemployment in order to be legally compliant, would destroy that political party. However, in this climate, the media and the Democrats have got to act fast and turn it into a positive so that the party is not hurt by it.



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