Democrats Use Racism as a Tool

The liberal racists are truly disgusting.
Check it out:

The Democrat Party is not about self-reliance and rugged individualism and freedom. They’re about dependence. They need people depending on ’em. They don’t want people exercising the kind of creative freedom and entrepreneurial freedom that can launch them into a circumstance where they don’t need government to get by. The Democrat Party’s always been based on racism. They formed the KKK.

The Democrats are the ones that wrote and passed and signed and enforced every Jim Crow law that has ever been in this country. They’re the ones that wouldn’t let blacks at the University of Mississippi. They’re the ones that fire hosed ’em and dogged ’em at Selma. Democrats were the big segregationists, and they have now just turned that around and make that charge of racism everywhere to silence critics. Look how effective it is. There is no criticism of Barack Obama, absolutely none of any substance from the Republican Party because they’re so afraid of being called racist. It’s that simple.



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