Democrats Redefine Work: Obamacare Allows You to Tuck in Your Kids at Night

Liberal logic at work here. One of the big problems with this is that ObamaCare costs so much.
Check it out:

So Obamacare will allow people to work two jobs instead of three and keep their health care and they’ll be able to stay home and tuck their kids in at night, and that makes ’em better off, right? It’s the way it works for my people in Wisconsin. Elmendorf is jus sitting there, “Uh, you…? U, daba…” doing an Elmer Fudd. (interruption) Now, Snerdley just said, “Do they really think that we’re stupid enough to believe this?” That’s not the question. The question is not whether we believe it or not.

They do!

This is the new tack.

It’s so hard not to laugh at this stuff. We used to laugh at everything these people did, and we… (interruption) This is not their new spin. This is an attempt to redefine what work is, what unemployment is. It’s no different than their attempt to redefine the relationship men and women, feminism. It’s no different than their attempt to divide the country however they do on climate change and science and all of that.



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