The DC Minimum Wage Soap Opera

It would be nice if it had to do with economics instead of politics.
Check it out:

This is really getting funny now. We got audio sound bite support coming up here. It’s getting very soap opera-like, which is what it is anyway. I mean, the reason that I have delayed this minimum wage garbage to the third hour is so that I don’t fall prey to the DC media-inspired soap opera every day. The media isn’t news anymore. Why is the minimum news? There’s no big story about the minimum wage today.

I mean, they’re making one — it’s part of the agenda — and there were other things that I thought more important that I wanted to talk about. So we’ll get to it but I’m not gonna be dominated or driven by the DC-New York Corridor/Axis media soap opera. But nevertheless it is getting funny. The CBO has come out and said, essentially — Doug Elmendorf — that if you guys in the Regime start raising the minimum wage, you’re gonna cause people to lose their jobs, and the Regime got mad.

Obama and his Regime members are now mad at Elmendorf, and they’re out there saying the CBO doesn’t know what it’s talking about. The CBO’s nonpartisan. See, the Democrats and the Regime are used to the CBO being an echo, and they know how to manipulate the CBO. The CBO can only analyze data that it’s given. So if the Regime wants you to think that health care’s gonna cost less than $1 trillion, the Regime will give them planned legislation with the numbers they want.

The only analysis possible is it’s gonna cost less than a ’til trillion. Now, Elmendorf and the gang at the CBO know this, but there’s nothing they can do. It’s not part of their job to come out and say, “We think the data we’ve been given are incomplete or incorrect.” They just have to deal with it. That’s why, in this case, the Regime’s ticked because the Regime is demanding this minimum wage increase.



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