Coca Cola Offends America

By Jay Taylor, Senior Vice President – Liberty Alliance, LLC

A Super Bowl ad from Coca Cola decided that it would be ok to sing “America the Beautiful” in various languages. Somehow they thought this would be a great idea to promote multiculturalism.

People who find this offensive have been called all kinds of names from intolerant liberals. Somehow a patriotic song about how great America is should be allowed to be performed in any language. Yes, we are a land of immigrants where everyone came here from somewhere else (even Native Americans came here) but we all have joined this melting pot of America where the common language we use is English.

Not learning English or accepting it has become a great hindrance to illegals today. They are taken advantage of by people who want to hire them for dirt cheap wages, yet somehow it is conservatives who don’t care. The liberal claim that we need illegals because there are jobs Americans just don’t want to do is ridiculous. We need to change that to there are jobs liberals just don’t want to pay Americans to do. Especially when liberals want to pay Americans not to work with endless unemployment benefits.

Coming together in our melting pot by all speaking English is not offensive, it’s caring about each other so that no one is taken advantage of. Liberals want you to think they are more caring, but what they are really doing is keeping more people dependent on government.

Coca Cola is now the official soft drink of illegals and the liberals who want to hold them down.



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