The CBO Nuked the Democrats — But Republicans Still Won’t Criticize Obama

If conservatives will stand up to liberals they would win more elections.
Check it out:

I hate to pile on here, but here’s the AP: “US Economy May Be Stuck in Slow Lane for Long Run.” It’s a long and depressing read about the economy from the AP, and there’s no happy talk in this. I find this fascinating. Normally when you get an economic story from the AP, it’s how the job market is “showing signs of recovery.” Even though we’re losing jobs every week, it’s still a healthy market! “We’ve got signs of recovery.” In this one, there’s none of it.

It’s like the media masters have taken their cue now from the Regime: “Okay, let’s end the happy talk on an economic recovery. Job creation ain’t happening. That’s not gonna be our meme now. Our campaign theme is, ‘It’s utter disaster and here’s how you benefit!'” AP: “In the 4-1/2 years since the Great Recession ended, millions of Americans who have gone without jobs or raises have found themselves wondering something about the economic recovery: Is this as good as it gets?

“It increasingly looks that way,” says the AP. “Two straight weak job reports have raised doubts about economists’ predictions of breakout growth in 2014. The global economy is showing signs of slowing — again. Manufacturing has slumped. Fewer people are signing contracts to buy homes. Global stock markets have sunk as anxiety has gripped developing nations. Some long-term trends are equally dispiriting.



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