Wow. What a waste. How can liberals think this is a good idea?
Check it out:

The California Obamacare exchange spent $1.37 million in taxpayer money to produce a bizarre six-hour Internet live stream featuring aging exercise personality Richard Simmons cuddling a contortionist, has revealed.

The taxpayer-funded expenditure is particularly alarming given that California’s Obamacare exchange, known officially as Covered California, is expected to hit a $78 million shortfall next fiscal year.
California Republican State Sen. Ted Gaines sent Peter Lee, California’s Obamacare exchange director, a blistering letter demanding answers about the Jan. 16th web stream.

“On first review, this long advertisement seems a wasteful, unserious and insulting effort, especially when viewed against the backdrop of at least a million Californians having their health coverage … (canceled),” wrote Gaines. “I question whether this is the time to pour tax dollars into what appears to be an ineffective and embarrassing quarter-day long marketing effort.”

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