Boehner: No Immigration Bill Because Obama Can’t Be Trusted to Enforce Laws

It took Boehner this long to figure this out? Where has he been?
Check it out:

People are going nuts here. I keep getting e-mails, and now Cookie has sent me a sound bite, ’cause I keep mentioning amnesty today, ’cause I can’t believe it. Now, we’ve got the lesson of Obamacare, and yet, what are we doing? Rather than ratcheting this up and trying to make a connection with the American people to stop this, still roll it back, do not compound any further errors… amnesty. “Rush, Rush, Rush, Boehner has said that there won’t be any this year!” Okay, all right, fine.

So we got the sound bite here. It’s quick. Thirteen seconds. Capitol Hill today, the weekly press briefing, the Speaker of the House, John Boehner.

BOEHNER: “Listen, there’s widespread doubt about whether this administration can be trusted to enforce our laws. And it’s gonna be difficult to move any immigration legislation until that changes.”

So there you have it. The Speaker of the House, John Boehner, has said that there is widespread doubt about whether this administration can be trusted to enforce the law. Now, that’s actually kind of helpful. He’s saying, “What does it matter what we pass here?”



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