Beyonce’s Lewd Lewinsky Lyric

Liberals love to out lewd each other.
Check it out:

I just received an e-mail that I want to react to. It’s a good e-mail. It chastised me for being an old fuddy-duddy over this Beyonce thing, Monica Lewinsky’d all over her gown. “Rush, you know, sex in music and kids, it’s been around since before we were around. What are you getting so upset?” I know that. Here’s the difference. Here’s the difference. I’ll reach around and pat myself on the back.

I had a fear, and I warned everybody, that because of the way the whole Clinton thing ended up, that rather than any of that being seen as shameful, it was gonna end up being a badge of honor and that kind of behavior, by a president, was gonna be seen as cool someday. The difference is, yeah, we’ve always had kids titillated by stuff like that. That’s not new. What is new is we don’t have any adults setting standards in positions of influential leadership.

We used to have adults who set standards, moral standards, cultural standards, legal standards. They were better than we were. They gave us something to aspire to. They were people that we described as having dignity and character. That’s all gone now, particularly the upper levels of the Democrat Party. There isn’t any of that kind of decency, dignity, character, morality. They have promoted this kind of…

I don’t want to call it “indecency,” because it’s not new. Kids are being titillated by what’s in music. The e-mailer is exactly right. The difference is that there should be a president in it. Not that long ago, Clinton would have been shamed by this. He would not have been able to and wouldn’t have wanted to show his face anyway — and now it’s badge of honor, is the point. That is what’s new here.

The bottom feeders of the entertainment industry were never invited to presidential inaugurations. The bottom feeders of the entertainment were never used as fundraisers for presidents of the United States. They were ignored. There was always a line. They were always there, and they were always who they were, and they always did what they did. The bottom feeders have now become the standard. That’s what’s different.



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