You can learn where liberals will be heading in our country by seeing what they are doing around the world.
Check it out:

Making the argument that everybody has the right to die, Karine Lalieux, a Socialist member of the Belgian House, is pushing legislation that would extend the country’s 2002 euthanasia law to minors under 18.

“Our responsibility is to allow everybody to live, but also to die, in dignity,’’ said Lalieux.

Sonja Becq, a Christian Democratic, strenuously disagreed. She said science is capable of relieving pain in terminally ill children. “We cannot accept that euthanasia be presented as a ‘happy ending,” she said.

The proposed law requires that ill children be able to demonstrate to a psychologist or psychiatrist that they possess the “capacity of discernment.” Parents would also have to agree to the child’s decision.

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