Anyone Remember the Fairness Doctrine?

Fairness is just a way for liberals to get their lies out more.
Check it out:

You still don’t believe me about this newsrooms monitor business? Let me give you two words: Fairness Doctrine. Have you ever heard of the Fairness Doctrine? Before I leave here today, I am going to convince you that this would end up being totally supported by America’s journalists. If it is aimed at getting rid of talk radio, you think they’ll support it? Remember, the monitors are gonna be in TV and radio newsrooms, radio stations.

You know that the Regime, you know the Democrats have wanted to reenact the Fairness Doctrine ever since Reagan got rid of it in 1987, and you know that they have purposely misconstrued what it even is. They have purposely tried to convince people the Fairness Doctrine is “equal time,” and it isn’t. But you know they would love to revive it. They’ve tried to. It’s been shot down two or three times. The FCC finally gave it up. Now we’re back to monitors in the newsroom.

To do what?

Well, if you look at what’s said, it looks strangely identical to what local stations used to have to go through to get their licenses to broadcast renewed every three to five years. They had to go out and ascertain “the community.” I had to do this. You probably don’t know this. (I’m speaking of Mr. Snerdley.) You may not know how this used to happen but as recently as 1980, the station management had to conduct meetings once every three years with the local librarian or whoever else, and get their thoughts on what the radio station should be doing to serve the community.



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