Why Amnesty Is Only Wounded

We need to fix our borders before thinking about amnesty.
Check it out:

Let’s be honest: if he could, Speaker John Boehner would bring immigration reform to the House floor tomorrow.

So while his announcement Thursday that he’s hitting the brakes on his push for a big immigration reform bill was a huge deal in the short-term, it doesn’t change the fundamental, underlying dynamics in the longer term.

In his press conference, Boehner said amnesty efforts must take a back seat because President Barack Obama cannot be trusted to fairly enforce the nation’s laws. But Boehner hinted in his comments that such concerns could be resolved before President Obama leaves office after the 2016 elections, an opening those on the left immediately noticed.

For example, Carl Hulse, a consummate Capitol Hill insider and the D.C. editor of the New York Times, wrote “Mr. Boehner and other Republicans still see an opening — though a narrowing one — to get a deal that could pay political benefits for the party and possibly give them leverage with the White House on trade and economic issues.”



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