60 States? New York, Texas Could Follow Plan to Break Up California

It took a civil war to split up a state. Something tells me it won’t happen very easy this time either.
Check it out:

The man who is trying to split California into 6 different states believes New York and Texas will attempt to follow suit in movements that may add at least ten more stars to the United States flag.

“I know a lot of people are thinking about that. I actually think that once California has created six new states, my guess is that New York will create three and Texas will create five,” global venture capitalist Tim Draper said. “We might end up with a total of 60 states.”

Draper needs 807,000 “signatures of registered voters by July 18 to get his proposal on the November ballot.” Should he get the signatures, Draper said he is deciding between putting the initiative on the ballot in 2014 or 2016.



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