2014 Will Be Bigger Wave Than 2010

I hope it is a wave of conservatives.
Check it out:

I want to reiterate something I said yesterday. I really do believe that the Democrats know to a certain extent what’s gonna hit them in November. You know, Henry Waxman retiring, a number of other Democrats announcing retirement? George Miller? Gee, those two guys alone quitting is one of the biggest telegraphed messages of where the Democrats think they are.

Those guys don’t have anything else to do.

Being in politics and running other people’s business and lives is their life. Henry Waxman telling everybody what they can and can’t do is his adrenaline. He doesn’t play golf. He doesn’t play shuffleboard. He doesn’t pursue sybaritic delights. All he knows is being the chairman of A congressional committee that can make life miserable for people. But if he can’t be chairman, he doesn’t want to be there.

He doesn’t want to be in Congress then, and neither does George Miller. So they’ve announced that they’re retiring, not just resigning. I think if the election in November were today, it would be a wave election that would make 2010 look small. I think the American people are engaged. The polling data is all there. There isn’t any majority of people, other than subsets of Democrats, who support anything Obama’s doing.



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