World War II veteran, 88, can’t afford repairs to business, lands in jail

Overzealous liberals should have been sent to jail instead.
Check it out:

An 88-year-old World War II veteran cited for a code violation for the condition of his Kansas office building recently found himself in jail after being charged with contempt of court.

Kenneth Knudson, owner of Knudson Jewelry in Horton, was ordered to spend one night in jail after failing to come up with a plan to fix a portion of his downtown building, which has a cracked exterior wall and missing bricks, reported.

Knudson, whose story went viral on social media after it was published Monday, said he appeared in court on Dec. 23 and told a municipal judge that he did not have the money to fix the building. He told the station he was fined $100 and put in jail.

“I was on the planning commission for Horton, I’ve been the president of the chamber, I’ve been on the appeals board,” said Knudson, who describes himself as a “salt of the earth kind of guy.”



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