World: U.S. Greatest Threat to Peace Under Obama

Obama is such a joke not only here but around the world.
Check it out:

Remember when the election of Barack Obama was perceived as incentive for the world to love America and bring peace to the world? The Guardian posted a series of pictures of individuals celebrating Obama’s reelection titled, “From smiles to sandcastles: the world welcomes Obama’s election victory – in pictures: People celebrate around the world after Obama is elected as US president for a second term.”

The dirty little secret is out; under Obama’s reign, the world now believes the U.S. is the world’s greatest threat to peace. Our image is so bad that the runner-up, Pakistan, only received 8% of the total aggregate vote for world’s most dangerous country, far behind the 24% of respondents vilifying the United States. China was third at 6%, followed by North Korea, Iran and Israel which all got 5%.

Islamic countries polled were vehement about the U.S. and Israel being the greatest threat: Algeria voted U.S. 37%, Israel 22%; Indonesia, U.S. 34%, Israel 27%; Malaysia, U.S. 25%, Israel, 22%; Iraq, Israel 24%, U.S. 21%; Lebanon, Israel 41%, U.S. 23%; Morocco, Israel 45%, U.S. 17%; and Tunisia, Israel 38%, U.S. 27%. Iran and Egypt were not polled, which probably kept the anti-U.S. sentiment even lower than it could have been.



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