Which Woman is Lying in New Jersey?

Liberals always lie so maybe both are lying.
Check it out:

I don’t know. This is tough trying to figure which one of these women is lying. One of ’em has to be. (interruption) So the lieutenant governor is blonde, and the mayor is brunette. Is that relevant in determining which one of ’em’s telling the truth? I don’t know. Just asking. The lieutenant governor seems a little bit more at home with makeup than the mayor. Is there anything to learn from that? I’m just asking.

(interruption) Well, just in determining who’s telling the truth. I mean, one goes au natural, and we may be able to conclude, as an environmentalist there, the lieutenant governor is a bit more conventional. I don’t know. I’m just… We gotta figure out who’s telling the truth here. There’s a huge lie somebody’s telling here. This is big. I mean, you got a mayor asserting that a governor told her she’s not gonna get any hurricane relief aid unless she joins the governor’s redevelopment project.

And the lieutenant governor says, “No, no, no! I never said that to her.” Well, how do we determine who’s being truthful here? Okay, you ask that: Who benefits the most from a lie? Or is it: Who benefits most from getting away with the lie? You gotta get away with it, and I don’t know the answer to that yet. I guess we’re just gonna have to watch this play out, but it’s gonna be really tough because we’ve all been told that women in positions of power would not do this kind of stuff, that this is an exclusively province of men in politics.

Now, Richard Sherman, very quickly, then we’ll move on to other things. Like…

Did you know smoking increases your chances of your child being gay in adulthood? This is UK Telegraph: “A neuroscientist has claimed a woman’s lifestyle during pregnancy is directly linked to the development of their children, influencing whether they may be gay and having an impact on their IQ,” and the more a woman smokes, the greater the likelihood the child will be gay in a adulthood. Does this mean that we will see various gay political groups moderate their position on smoking? We’ll have to keep a sharp eye. It’s that kind of stuff in the news.

This New York Times headline: “For Christie and MSNBC a Messy Divorce Plays Out in Public View.” It’s like a soap opera, what’s happening between MSNBC and Governor Christie.



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