Wendy Davis Taunts Greg Abbott: You’re Messing With the ‘Wrong Texas Gal’

She is her own worst enemy. But her lies make her a darling among liberals.
Check it out:

“Greg Abbott and his folks have picked a fight with the wrong Texas gal if they think that I will shrink from working to fight for a just and right future for all Texans,” Democratic gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis told a crowd of supporters Tuesday, going on the offensive against claims that she lied about her life story.

Described by the Texas Tribune as “the most direct, personal and sustained criticism the Democratic candidate for governor has leveled at her expected Republican opponent so far,” Davis’s appearance at a campaign event last night left many with the impression that the candidate was ready to lay the aftermath of getting caught in her many lies against him. A Dallas Morning Herald story this month exposed several inconsistencies in her life story, including the facts that she was never a teenage single mother and did not pay her way through Harvard Law School (her then-husband cashed in a 410(k) to get her through).

Davis’s assault on opponent Greg Abbott – who appears not to have had anything to do with the Herald’s reporting – has been swift and vicious. Abbott “sunk to a new low” by… allowing the Herald to research her life story, or something. Abbott had no say in whether her life story was true because he had not “walked a day in my shoes” (Abbott hasn’t walked a day in anybody’s shoes for 30 years after an oak tree fell on him and snapped his spinal cord). Abbott was “desperate” because Rush Limbaugh noted that she lied about her life story.



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