You Were Warned About Obamacare

All the predictions about ObamaCare are coming true. At least the predictions from conservatives.
Check it out:

Your tax return is gonna become even more important and that’s where you’re either going to be given a stamp of approval or a penalty for not following the law on Obamacare. So the IRS is gonna end up playing an ever larger role in everybody’s life. Three to five years down the road if something isn’t done about this, it’s gonna be something you’re not gonna want to put up with. Your health care isn’t gonna be any better. Medicine isn’t gonna be any better. It’s not gonna be any more efficient. It isn’t going to be cheaper. None of the things that Obama promised you are going to come true.

Your premiums aren’t gonna go down. Your deductible isn’t gonna go down. You’re not gonna be able to keep your doctor, you already know this. You can’t keep your plan, you already know this. The bottom line is, what is going to happen in the next three to five years with Obamacare is nothing any citizen would ask for. Simplest way I could explain it. If you could devise health care for you and your family, just write whatever you want your health care life to be. Whether you want to have insurance or not, just write it down. Whatever you want, whatever would work best for you is not even going to be available for the vast, vast majority of Americans, because you’re not going to have any control over your health care, which is the bottom line, none.

In three to five years, if nothing changes, the only place you’re going to be able to go for health insurance and medical treatment will be the United States government, and specifically the IRS and the Department of Health and Human Services. That’s gonna be your option unless you have a lot of money and can set up a health care system for yourself, a network of your own, which is not in any way a part of the nation’s system. And that will exist. It does exist in Great Britain. Do you think the queen, the royal family messes around with the National Health Service? They don’t. Wealthy people in Great Britain have their own hospitals. They’ve got their own doctors.

Now, the British government is not happy about it and they constantly target those people. Same thing is gonna happen here. But it’s gonna require a lot of wealth, thereby exempting the vast majority of people. It isn’t going to be good. They call it whatever they want, single payer. That disguises what it actually is. But what the Regime is hoping for is that in three to five years that you will have all forgotten that you ever had anything different, that you ever had anything better. That’s the objective. Just three to five years, just wipe out your memory that there was ever anything better, that there was ever anything more efficient. In three to five years they want most people to think this is what it is, it’s the best it’s ever been, brought to you by Barack Obama and the Democrat Party.



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