I Want Hillary Elected President?

People that work in conservative news get accused of this all the time. Those of us who are true patriots want what is best for the country first.
Check it out:

Absolute lunacy all over C-SPAN today. Just total lunacy. I mean, here’s this guy who calls and makes it all about money, and so this woman, “Okay, well, I’ll deal with this guy on the basis of money, and then say, ‘Well, there’s no way Hillary could make anywhere near the kind of money being president that she could if she wasn’t elected president! She couldn’t get paid for speeches and so forth. But if she ran, there’s nobody better. No better resume and more diverse experience.'”

How about competence, Jennifer? There isn’t any. Benghazi, Hillarycare, the bimbo eruptions? Would somebody explain to me? I’ve told you, this business with Hillary is not about her competence. It is not about her qualifications. It’s about what she is owed for making sure that Clinton survived. It’s about paying her back for all of the excrement sandwiches she had to eat while married to that guy while they were in Arkansas and everywhere else during the bimbo eruptions.

During Clinton running around with Monica Lewinsky, she enabled him to stay in office. She enabled him to stay married. She took all of that, and it’s her turn — and it was her turn in 2008, until Obama came along, and then the party powers chose the young black guy over the… uh, over her. She’s been a dutiful soldier since then. So now it’s her turn, and they tell us she has a “diverse resume” and all of this. What about competence?




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