How to turn your iPhone into a handgun

Look for Obama to sign an executive order banning iPhones next week.
Check it out:

Ready, aim, iPhone.

iPhone case manufacturer Element Case has partnered with Hogue –the largest manufacturer of firearm grips and gun stocks in the U.S. — to create the first full line of smartphone and tablet cases from the same shock-absorbing polymer material used in its military spec gun grips.

It’ the world’s first smartphone gun grip — letting you “fire off” emails with ease.

“Some of our best selling cases had been our tactical styles,” Element CEO Jeff Sasaki told “It was only logical to push further in that direction for its new lineup.”

The new models in the Sector line of high-end cases — which run as high as $300, as much as an iPhone itself — are made from Hogue’s polymer grip material, which is well regarded by marksmen and gun enthusiasts for its tactile and shock-absorbing qualities.



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