The Ticket to the American Dream: School Choice

Liberals are pro-choice until it comes to disagreeing with their choice. Government schools are failing and it is past time to end them.
Check it out:

“School choice wasn’t the difference between two schools; it was the difference between two different paths of life,” said Friendship Collegiate Academy senior Daniel Spruill at the 2014 National School Choice Week whistle-stop event in Washington, D.C., on Wednesday night.

In its fourth year, National School Choice Week (NSCW) celebrates the educational opportunity offered through school choice and raises awareness of the millions of families that are unable to choose where their children attend school.

In the recently released Choice Media film The Ticket, viewers ride with the 2013 NSCW whistle-stop tour on a cross-country journey of the stories of American families who use school choice to meet their children’s unique educational needs.

School choice comes in many shapes and forms. The Ticket offers a window into the many existing options school choice offers—parent trigger laws, homeschooling, inter-district exchange, charter schools, vouchers, online learning, and private school—that exist from coast-to-coast.



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