Stunning: Nobody is Watching CNN

They also need to consider that their liberal demographic doesn’t really pay attention and would rather watch a reality show than news.
Check it out:

Have you heard about CNN? Folks, this is inside baseball, and normally I don’t talk about ratings of other people in this business, because the vagaries are just too volatile. The whole ratings system is too volatile — and if you live by it, you can die by it. Everybody’s ratings, depending on when you take the snapshot, are gonna go up and down, and sometimes they’re gonna fluctuate greatly.

But CNN now has had enough steady erosion here that it oughta be panic time. Listen to this: “CNN’s Neilson ratings for the key important demographic which remains 25-54…” I’ve always thought that strange, though, if I may make a brief departure. The assumption is the reason why you want 25-54 in an advertising demographic is twofold. A, youth, young. B, they’re climbing. They are growing economically. They are acquiring wealth.

They are advancing professionally, and they’re in an increasingly consumerist and acquisition mode. (interruption) Well, I know. It’s tough to balance this with the fact that the American dream is dead and that there isn’t any upward mobility in the last 50 years. But we’ll work all that out here on the program today. You know that that’s not true. That’s just BS that’s put out by the Drive-Bys.

The 25 to 54 demographic, for as long as they’ve been around, has been the target demographic because that’s what advertisers want because that’s where it is theorized that the majority of disposable income is, and disposable income is what advertisers seek to separate people from. The real money is in 55-plus. By definition, the real money, the people that really have disposable income are people largely over 54.



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