Stop Playing Defense, Conservatives!

Time to take the fight to the liberals!
Check it out:

My only real point here is, I get a little frustrated the question keeps coming, because there’s nothing to it. You’re always on defense, folks, and you’re just never gonna advance the ball when you’re constantly defending yourself. You just can’t do it — and by constantly shouting, “No, I’m not what they say! That’s not true! That’s a lie,” you’re on defense, and you just can’t change anything by doing that.

It just doesn’t happen, and you know it. You’ve seen it, and probably had it happen to you in your own life, in some venue, in some way, shape, manner, or form. I know it’s frustrating to have people that you love and admire ripped to shreds and lied about, like they did Romney. You wanted Romney to do something about it. You wanted Romney to fight. “Come on, Mitt! Get out there and tell people you don’t hate your dog.”

Okay, envision it. Romney calls press conference.

“I am terribly offended. They say I put my dog in a station wagon on vacation up there on the roof because I hate my dog. I don’t. I love my dog.” Hello, Richard Nixon. It just doesn’t work, folks. You just can’t deal with it that way. You have to stay on offense, and you have to start characterizing them. Plus, incumbent in this process of reacting to it and defending it, you are cementing in other people’s minds the idea that the accusers might be right.

The minute you go on defense, the minute you start whining about it. Even getting the truth out, when people are lying through their teeth about you. I’ve lived it. It doesn’t change things. Other things do change people’s minds, but not reacting immediately in the face of a lie and so forth. I mean, they did a movie about this, Mr. Smith Goes to Washington. Jimmy Stewart and so forth.

The examples are all over the place. Now, you can take it to an extreme, too. Bush, Rove, these guys never responded at all. Now, in their case, nobody was suggesting that they get out there and, “Hey, what they’re saying about us isn’t true. That’s not true. I’m not…” But they never attacked their opponents and tried to characterize them. That’s how you do it. But defending yourself, or having somebody else do it, it’s just not gonna work.

It never does.



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