States, Would You Like To Give D.C. Orders?

It’s great to see Convention of States getting more and more press. Just wait until the first state passes the call!
Check it out:

States, would you like to meet together, agree to a strategy and then give marching orders to Washington? No hearings in Congress needed or even allowed. No input from Beltway lobbyists. No agency influence permitted.

Would you like to see terms limits enacted? How about a ban on taxpayer money going overseas? Perhaps a move to disband and deconstruct federal agencies like the Environmental Protection Agency and Department of Education that have no foundation in the Constitution?

Sound interesting? It’s constitutional, and it’s being pursued and promoted by an organization called Convention of the States.

The organization describes itself as ” project of citizens for self-government.”

Its head, Michael Farris, the chairman of the Home School Legal Defense Association and chancellor of Patrick Henry College, goes through the specifics on its website.

First, the need.



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