State of the Coup Overview: A Huge Disconnect Between Washington and Us

Obama cares about gathering power and keeping people under government control.
Check it out:

The latest polling data, for example, on global warming, it is last on the list of things people care about. Last. Immigration just barely above it. Immigration reform, amnesty. Nobody, nobody believes the global warming thing anymore, and amnesty is something nobody in the country, a vast majority, don’t want. Yet that doesn’t matter. Washington’s going to do what it’s going to do regardless, and they’re going to insult our intelligence in the process by trying to make us think that we do want it. Or trying to make those of us that poll in the majority think that we’re not really the majority, that we’re the ones out of touch. Like campaign finance reform. I thought the whole thing bordered on insulting.

Now, as for the speech itself, this was incredible. Do you people — I don’t mean “you people” in an insulting way — do you realize the stuff Obama talked about last night, he rejected all of that in the campaign of 2008? He doesn’t believe any of that stuff last night. The one positive you might want to take out of it, here you’ve got a president who’s in trouble, his party is in trouble, and what do they always do? Obama tried to sound, in matters economic, pocketbook, he tried to sound as unlike he really is as he could pull off. Now, he’s never going to sound like a conservative. But he certainly dialed down the community organizer identity and rhetoric last night.

It was funny watching. I thought Frank Luntz retired and went to Hollywood, but there he was on Fox after the speech with his focus group, and it was interesting. I think there were a lot of Obama voters in that group. The ones that I said, “I didn’t think he was enthusiastic enough.” What in the world were you watching? He was enthusiastic as he could be. It was just all phony. It was contrived energy. But the stuff that he was talking about last night are things that he has rejected philosophically, that he doesn’t really believe in. So that’s the one upper if you want to stretch and try to find one in it.



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