SOTU: Constitution Not Included

Obama thinks that he can do everything on his own. Once he solidifies his rule as tyrant of the United States there will be no stopping him.
Check it out:

President Obama says this is a “year of action”—and last night he made it very clear whose action he was talking about.

After noting recently that he has a pen and a phone and can use those to make changes without the help of Congress, Obama charged forward with promises of taking executive action wherever lawmakers fail to meet his demands.

“This President has acted like the playground bully who when he can’t have everything he wants, he decides to take his ball and go home,” Heritage President Jim DeMint said yesterday. “This is not the way our government is supposed to work.”

Indeed—Heritage’s legal experts have long questioned the legality of the President’s lone ranger style. And early analysis of this year’s State of the Union proposals indicates the executive branch will continue to run amok.




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