SF Community Activist Proposes Crack Pipe Handouts to Prevent HIV

Amazing that that liberals try to fix one sin with another.
Check it out:

Could handing out free crack pipes help roll back the spread of HIV? The San Francisco HIV Prevention Planning Council (HPPC) insists that it could and that crack pipe distribution programs in Canada are doing just that.

“San Francisco has a long history of being at the cutting edge of things that we have turned out to be very right on… and I would like to see this one be another of those things that we were right about before the rest of the country catches on,” says Laura Thomas, HPPC representative.

The HIV community activist admits that this “great program” of offering fresh pipes to crack addicts may seem “counter intuitive.” She points out, however, that unlike dirty hypodermic needles, crack pipes don’t transmit HIV. Thomas explains, “Once you can bring people into your program, make them feel respected, taken care of, then they’re more likely to come back and get on HIV meds and want to be engaged and taking care of their health.”



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