Scott Walker’s Unnoticed Revolution

Why is it that homeschoolers and Christian schools do so much better for dramatically so little money?
Check it out:

Ladies and gentlemen, for three days last week I told you the amazing story of Scott Walker, governor Wisconsin and the rebirth and revitalization of his state, a blue state, with conservatism. Conservative economic policy has revitalized that state. The upshot of it is that there’s a near $1 billion budget surplus that he is returning to the taxpayers in the form of income property tax cuts.

Interestingly, by the way, the Wisconsin legislature is opposing him on this. They want to spend the money on… what do you think? Education. Oh, yes. We’re not spending enough on education, the magic words, the children. We’ve got to spend it. And I must add, even some Republicans in the Wisconsin legislature are opposing Scott Walker on this and don’t want to rebate the surplus. It is an amazing story. It did not get reported anywhere that I saw other than little filler AP type stories in Wisconsin.

Our buddies at NewsBusters, which is Brent Bozell’s Media Research Center news analysis website, they got around to reporting that it had not been reported on anywhere else. And look, I’m not spoiling for anything here. I’m just making an observation. Fox News didn’t even do this. Fox News didn’t even cover it. And it’s huge, folks. It’s the way out! It’s what the Tea Party claims to want. It’s what conservatives say will happen if you implement the policies that Scott Walker implemented, and they were right. They did happen.

Scott Walker, they tried to destroy his career twice. His career and more, actually. They went after his reputation, his political life. He did everything that conservative voters want their elected officials to do. He hung in. He defended himself and his voters. He stood up for what he believed in. He fought tooth and nail to get it implemented, and it worked. It worked great! And it still remains a national secret. Now, we know why the left-wing media’s not gonna report it. This is anathema to them. But it has finally made it outside this program.



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