Scott Walker Stood Firm and Proved Conservatism Works — in a Liberal State

Conservatism works. Literally. Liberals just want checks without work.
Check it out:

Does the name Scott Walker mean anything to you? You know him well. Scott Walker is the Republican, conservative governor of the state of Wisconsin.

He has survived numerous efforts by the left, by the Regime, and by union buddies to destroy him, to take him out of office, to recall him from office (twice) to ruin his reputation. He has survived it all, and he has survived it not afraid. He has not been compromised in surviving this. He did not become one of them in order to survive. He remained who he was. He remained a conservative — fast, solid, and true — and triumphed over them. It turns out now…

See, conservatism works every time it’s tried, ’cause it turns out, folks, there is a $912 million budget surplus in the state of Wisconsin because of the reforms that Scott Walker implemented and stood by while every Democrat from Washington to Wisconsin tried to kick him out of office. He withstood the onslaught of the unions and he reformed the public schools and many of the public union payment plans, and this has resulted in a $912 million budget surplus — and you know what he’s gonna do next?

He is going to cut taxes $1 billion.

Now, this is the other end of the Obama spectrum.



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