San Francisco QB Colin Kaepernick Says Being Adopted a “Blessing”

Liberals don’t see babies as blessings, but as punishments.
Check it out:

The San Francisco 49ers won a big playoff victory today against the Carolina Panthers. But, in an interview last year, the team’s quarterback said he had already received the biggest victory of his life. Because he was adopted…

As Lauren Enriquez of Texas Right to Life tells it:

In a pregame interview with Dan Marino on CBS, Kaepernick revealed that being adopted “was the biggest blessing of my entire life.”

His adoptive parents were featured in the interview, proudly reading a letter that Colin had written to himself as a child: Kaepernick had predicted in junior high that he would be a 49’ers quarterback by the time he was out of college. His prediction came true, and—in addition to his colossal talent—the love and support that Colin received from his adoptive family seem to have made a huge impact on the success of his career.

Kapernick’s birth mother was a 19-year-old young woman who wanted the best for her son but knew that she was not the one who could give it to him. She searched for adoptive parents who would be able to love her son, provide him with siblings, take care of him financially, and expose him to her love for sports.

She found the perfect match in Rick and Teresa Kaepernick when Colin was 5 weeks old. The couple, who had two healthy children and had tragically lost two sons to complications related to heart defects, were seeking to adopt a son. Colin completed their family and, and his birth mother could take heart knowing that her son would grow up with everything she had wanted for him.

In fact, without pro-life parents like Colin’s, the athletic world would be without quite a number of sports figures who have grown to behemoth fame, including Tim Tebow and Michael Phelps. Imagine that Colin’s mom had not chosen life, and that his parents were not given the blessing of adopting him.



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