Liberals have no respect for guns or understanding of how they work. Maybe what we really need is to ban liberals from pretty much everything.
Check it out:

Perhaps while Andrew Cuomo was forcing the unconstitutional SAFE Act down the throats of New Yorkers he should have included the confiscation of guns by his own administration.

It has come out that on October 24th of last year, Jerome Hauer, Cuomo’s Dir. of Homeland Security, took out his Glock 9mm handgun (you know, the one WITHOUT a safety) and used the laser pointer on it to give a presentation to a Swedish delegation.

As you can imagine the Swede’s became a little discomforted as Hauer waved his handgun around, flagging them all as he spoke and gesticulated.

Apparently being the Dir. of NY’s Homeland Security doesn’t mean you know the first thing about gun safety, of which one of the tenets is never point your weapon at something you aren’t willing to destroy.

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