‘Ring of steel’ vs. stealth of terrorists

Russia might not be able to stop those intent on doing harm.
Check it out:

Russia has erected a “ring of steel” and the U.S. military is planning for evacuations, but the fact remains that Sochi, the site of next month’s Winter Olympics, is within striking distance of Dagestan and Chechnya — volatile regions that form a caldron for Islamic militants.

Terrorists already have demonstrated that they can hit targets in Moscow and last month sent two suicide bombers to the transportation hub of Volgograd. Their explosions killed at least 34 commuters at a rail station and on a bus.

“Sochi is easily the most threatened Olympic Games since Munich in 1972,” said Bruce Hoffman, director of the Center for Security Studies at Georgetown University who has advised the CIA and U.S. military on counterterrorism.



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