Richard Sherman is a Smart Guy

He might be smart, but he is a punk and a thug. Would be great to see him fall on his face during the Super Bowl.
Check it out:

I’m convinced that if people got to know Sherman they’d like him, based on the ability you have to get to know him. He came out of Compton, California, solid family despite that place being just an infested slum. It’s South Central LA. He’s really, from the way he writes, a student of the game of football. He’s really a smart guy. And some people say, “Yeah, but, Rush, this is who he really is.” Well, we’ll find out. But I, like everybody else, I was stunned and shocked. But then again I thought about it and I’m surprised we don’t get more of this in the post — Snerdley came in, he’d never heard of this guy before, he was all livid today about this guy.

Well, it’s a different country now. It’s a different world. Everybody is saying this is not how you’re supposed to be. Let me give you a contrast. I don’t know how many of you noticed this who watched the game. Almost the exact opposite of this occurred earlier in the game. A running back for the Seahawks by the name of Marshawn Lynch had a 40-yard touchdown run and when all of his teammates met him in the end zone they wanted him to do a spike and a high five and all kinds of things. He said, “Nope.” Did you see this? He shook hands with every teammate.

There were no histrionics. There was no chest thumping. It was, hey, bro, we’re gonna make this look like we’re used to this. We’re not gonna get a flag. The game isn’t over here. We got nothing to celebrate. I scored a touchdown. Shook hands and the emotion was kept at a minimum. I guarantee you it was as surprising as Sherman’s outburst at the end of the game was surprising, and the natural, “You just don’t do what Sherman did. You don’t make it all about you. You don’t go off on people like that.” Aren’t we told there aren’t any limits on this kind of behavior? We’ve gotta learn to adjust. This is the way the country is now. This is the way things have evolved.

Anyway, Sherman has made himself the big story of the Super Bowl. But there’s gonna be something else that might come up during Super Bowl week involving Pete Carroll, the coach of the Seahawks. I’m gonna hold this in check to see if anybody else gets this. I’m not gonna be the first to lob this grenade. I’ll wait to see if this comes up. (interruption) Yes, a question from the Official Program Observer? (interruption) Mmm-hmm.



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