Republicans Lack the Courage to Refuse an Unemployment Benefits Extension

This won’t be an issue once conservatives take over the GOP. We just need to make sure to get the vote out.
Check it out:

North Carolina dramatically cut the amount of cash people received in jobless benefits. They also, in addition to cutting the amount of money, reduced the number of weeks that people were eligible to get benefits — and you know what happened? The unemployment rate fell within months. By last November, North Carolina’s unemployment rate was at a five-year low, simply because they cut the cash and the number of weeks people were eligible. How did this happen, you probably wonder. How’d the unemployment rate go down?

It’s ’cause people had to go out and find jobs! That was the only alternative! You can pay people to not work, and they’ll take it, and they won’t work. You can cut the benefits and length of time they get the benefits and they’ve got one choice — well, two choices. Social Security disability, but that’s another thing. The Republican governor in North Carolina, Pat McCrory, didn’t do this to punish the unemployed in his state. He did it to be fiscally responsible. North Carolina, as is other state, can’t print their money.

They don’t have it. They don’t have it, and they had run up a massive debt to the federal government. They had borrowed money from the feds to pay for unemployment benefits. With the benefit cut, tens of thousands of people became ineligible for the long-term, federal extended benefits that recently expired — the ones the Democrats now want to reinstate at all costs, even though they agreed to let ’em expire as part of it budget deal.
But, voila! With the jobless benefits cut, people in North Carolina found jobs.

North Carolina’s not the only state where unemployment has fallen. With less money to pay unemployment benefits, it’s happened to Georgia and South Carolina, too. This is the kind of leadership we ought to be getting in Washington. Somebody ought to be suggest, you know what, 99 weeks is enough, or 125 week is enough. There need to be limits rather than this endless expansion. But if you have been made to believe that people are fragile, and if you’ve been made to believe as a party…

The Republican Party, I think they’ve been beaten up so much, they actually believe people can’t help themselves anymore. “It’s too hard to find work. It’s just impossible, and it’s too much stress, and there’s no political benefit to us saying, ‘Go get a job.’ It’s easier for us to just say, ‘Okay, well, we’ll extend.'” But this is exactly what I’m talking about. Democrats propose, “Hey, you know what? Let’s do it the whole year.” The answer is, “No. We need to get serious now and start reducing this. We can’t afford it, and we’re destroying these people by continuing to pay them not to work. We need to get them off their butts, the ones who can.”

But that kind of courage, you’re not gonna find it in Washington, folks.

It does not exist.



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