Republicans Keep Amnesty Alive

RINO’s are useful when it comes to getting Republicans elected in liberal areas. But when it comes down to them working with liberals in areas like this they are such a pain.
Check it out:

Just enforce what’s already on the books.

“Immigration advocates are increasingly pressuring the president,” he doesn’t need to be pressured, “to act on his own to stop the deportations of some of the 12 million…” Who’s being deported? Maybe here and there. There are no mass deportations taking place. “Several of those advocates, and at least two undocumented immigrants, will be able to hear the president firsthand when he is likely to urge the Republican-led House of Representatives to get moving on an immigration overhaul.

“The group will be hosted by Illinois Democratic Reps. Luis Gutierrez, Mike Quigley, Jan Schakowsky, Brad Schneider and Bill Foster, all of whom have been pushing for the House to take up a Senate-passed immigration bill that would allow most of the nation’s 12 million undocumented immigrants to apply for US citizenship.” Now, do you know what the Republican Party’s latest plan is? “Hey, well, let’s go ahead and have ’em here, but no citizenship.

“They’ll have green cards and come in. We’ll let ’em work and satisfy the Chamber of Commerce, but no voting.” I fully expect everybody to sign on to that as a way of getting it done — and then about four hours after something like that would pass, there’d be a race to the nearest camera, probably won by Chuck Schumer, who would then start practically crying over the injustice and point out the continued flaws of the United States.

“How could we have just done what we did,” he would say. “We have just granted them legal status. We have just said, ‘Come on, in.’ We have just said, ‘We want you here to do the hard work that most Americans won’t do. We want you to come in here getting filthy, sweaty, dirty, doing hard labor, and we’re gonna pay you not much for it,’ and then we tell them they can’t vote? Who have we become? What kind of country are we?”

There’d be a mass move on to grant them citizenship after immigration reform passes. It’s a slam dunk, and it’s probably planned that way — and, again, here we go with the massive attempt to guilt trip everybody over this. Present another group of people as victims of an unfair, unjust, and immoral, racially discriminatory country, led by the president of the United States and his party.



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