Why are Republicans Hell-Bent on Destroying Their Party with Amnesty?

For some reason establishment Republicans believe the liberal lies and turn away from their convictions.
Check it out:

This is just late January. Anything can change. And the big thing that could wipe all of this out is the one issue that could make Republicans stay home, and that would be if the House Republican leadership pushes forward with any kind of immigration reform. There is no reason that any Republican voter can be made to understand why we have to do this, and yet the Republican leadership seems hell-bent on getting this done. It’s the end of the Republican Party. That’s not even arguable.

All you have to do is look at California and what’s happened to the Republican Party there since the last time we did amnesty, which was Simpson-Mazzoli, ’86-87, and you see what will happen. I mean, when you flood the country with millions of people who are predestined to vote Democrat, in a vast majority sense, who are inexperienced and low wage, what in the world is going to happen when you bring in that many or legalize that many and you’ve given up your assimilation, the assimilation aspect of immigration, then you have Balkanization that takes place? There’s no evidence that this works. There’s no evidence that this benefits the Republican Party.

So people are looking at this and they’re just scratching their heads. And that’s why people come up with explanations for it, such as, “Well, these guys have been in the House for all these years, and they make their annual salary, and that’s it. But when they leave, if they do the Chamber of Commerce’s bidding on this, maybe they’ll get a great, great long-term, high-paying gig at a Chamber of Commerce-related business. Or maybe a lobbying company will hire ’em, maybe a donor will hire them at some point, if they do this.” That’s why people start coming up with explanations like that. And what those people that assume things like that are actually saying is the Republicans in the House leadership would sell out the party and the country for their own personal gain. That’s pretty damning.



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