Republicans Hatch Plan to Join Democrats and Pass Unemployment Benefits Extension

What do people not understand about paying people not to work? There are all kinds of jobs out there. People won’t work them because they know government will pay them to stay home.
Check it out:

Seriously, folks, at his cabinet meeting, Obama announced essentially his economic agenda. It consists of doing something for preschool kids, the minimum wage, and immigration and promise zones. That, essentially — at least according to reports by people who are on the inside — is gonna be the theme or some of the themes of the State of the Union show. So preschool, immigration, and minimum wage.

Eugene Robinson, the Washington Post today: “Where is the Democrats’ Outrage About Unemployment?” He wants some blood! He thinks the Democrats aren’t angry enough. He thinks the Democrats aren’t on television enough ripping the Republicans to shreds enough for not caring about the unemployed. He says we need to go out and do whatever it takes to extend these benefits, including borrow money from whoever, because it’ll create 200,000 jobs. You know, this is literally insane.

All of these Democrats are saying that all of this unemployment benefit money creates jobs. If that were the case, how would there be 92 million Americans not working now? We’ve been extending unemployment benefits from 99 weeks and beyond for five years. We should now be at full employment! Meanwhile, “Prospects of 1.4 million unemployed Americans getting their federal jobless benefits back soon brightened on Monday when US Senate Republican negotiators offered a new plan to extend the emergency relief for three months.”

They basically, in their offer, would pay for unemployment benefits by extending across-the-board spending cuts, sequestration for another year into 2014. That’s how they would pay for it, 10 years from now, three months of that extension.



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