Red States Apply Brakes to Obamacare

More and more conservative states are standing up to Obama.
Check it out:

There’s something fascinating happening with Obamacare out there, ladies and gentlemen. There’s a story in the New Republic, and the New Republic, of course, is a liberal left-wing journal of opinion. The headline of this story: “Obamacare in Red and Blue America.” The upshot of this is — and the New Republic is mad as they can be about this. People that live in red states are not signing up. People that live in red states are doing everything they can to avoid Obamacare. They’re not signing up. People in red states refuse to expand Medicare, and both of these refusals are thwarting and foiling Obamacare.

On the contrary, people that live in blue states are embracing it, to a degree. I mean, nobody is really fully embracing Obamacare, and that is the dirty little secret. But I just love this. This kind of thing encourages me, and it gives me faith that the people in this country, and particularly the states, are going to be our salvation. The states are going to be the brakes.

It used to be that the Senate put the brakes on things, and the Senate is now under Harry Reid’s leadership, the Senate is an embarrassment. The Senate is a total dereliction of its constitutional role and responsibility now. Well, not total, but it’s embarrassing what Harry Reid’s done. But the states, the people in the states are where the brakes are going to be applied, as much as they can be, anyway.



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