Professor: Common Core ‘Embarrassingly Dumb’

Liberals are all about dumbing down the country.
Check it out:

A Hillsdale College professor has penned a book he hopes will serve as a user’s guide for parents, citizens, and state lawmakers to help them fully grasp what will actually happen in classrooms where the Common Core standards are being implemented—and how this initiative will only hasten the full decline of our schools.

Dr. Terrence Moore—author, historian, teacher, and former U.S. Marine lieutenant—argues there is an urgent need for parents, taxpayers, and state legislatures to defeat the Common Core initiative. In his book The Story-Killers: A Common-Sense Case Against the Common Core, Moore takes parents, especially those who may know little about the standards, through a hypothetical school district and into classrooms, demonstrating how the Common Core will put a nail in the coffin of the already suffering progressive education system many Americans have simply come to accept.

In an interview with Breitbart News, Moore illuminated the hidden agenda behind the Common Core initiative, particularly its drive to remove classical literature from schools and replace it with “informational texts,” a move, he said, that will make children superficial and biased in their thinking.



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